MacDonald and Whealy Named to OUA All-Star Team

Two members of the Club, Kevin MacDonald (Ryerson University) and Tyler Whealy (Queens University) received the nod the other day to represent there schools in the OUA All-Star game May 9th at the Rogers Centre versus College ll-Star Team. Both players are being recognized for there efforts this past season for there university clubs. Whealy finished the year going 1-1, pitching in 5 games, threw 3 CG and 29 I.P posting a 3.41 ERA in this Junior season for the 7-11 Gaels. MacDonald finished his freshman year going 1-5, pitching in 6 games and throwing 37.0 I.P posting a 2.68 ERA for the 6-12 Rams. Both players threw well for there respective clubs and are honoured to be recognized for there accomplishments. The High Park Junior Baseball Club is happy to have both boys throwing in there rotation and hope that the same numbers will project to this upcoming season.

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