Nolfi launches second homer of the year in 7-7 tie

On Friday, Alex Tabascio had a remarkable outing throwing 6 innings allowing just 1 earned run. Oh… and he also struck out 5 batters, the most since becoming a member of High Park, in a 7-7 tie to Ajax.

In the 4th inning, Tabascio had runners on second and third when a shallow fly ball found its way to the outfield. High Park’s designate ‘Superman’ was there to make the diving play. But Chris Nolfi’s night was far from over…

On a night where errors became a common occurence on either side, High Park’s offense surged at pivotal times. Nolfi launched a solo shot to lead off the 5th inning before calling it quits. Don’t worry… nobody got hit over that famously short Talbot Park left field wall!

Jake Linhares added to the hit totals going 3 for 5 and showed off his speed stealing a base midway through the game. Linhares was the DH as he will be given the bulk of the catching duties for the next few games.

Greg Hall came in to finish the game striking out 2 over 3 innings of work.

This was just game 2 of the ‘6 games in 6 days’ stint for High Park.

NOTE:  Nolfi has 2 homers to this point along with 10 RBI’s, he is leading the team in both categories. Special thanks goes out to Troy Daring for coming out to help.

NEXT UP: Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 @7:00 p.m. EDT vs. Scarborough @ Christie Pitts

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