Victory over Vikings, Tabascio picks up win #2

High Park took down the Vikings 8-7 in Vaughan on Thursday. Kevin Hillsdon started for the first time since last season allowing 1 earned run over four innings of work. The good news, he struck out 4 batters, the not-so-good news is that he allowed 4 hits and walked 3.

Luckily for High Park, Alex Tabascio came in providing 3 and a third innings of solid relief picking up his second win of the year. He struck out 3 and walked just one batter improving his ERA to 1.88 on the season. Kevin MacDonald came in to record his second save of the year needing just two outs to do so.

Game ball goes out to Taka Ryan who went 4 for 5 with two RBI’s. He’s been a great addition and a great leadoff bat for the #HPFAMILY so far this year. Troy Daring stole 2 bags along with his 2 walks on the night. Thomas Mienkowski made the most of his limited plate time going 2 for 2 knocking in a run. Chris Procopio took a couple for the team reaching base after being pegged with two pitches, he would finish 1 for 2.

NOTE: This was the first time this season that Tabascio has been needed in relief, and just the second time that MacDonald has been used out of the pen. The rotation will be back to business as usual heading into the double header against Whitby on Saturday.

UP NEXT: Saturday, June 10th, 2017 @6/8 p.m. EDT vs. Whitby @ Christie Pitts


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