Braves Open Up The Throttle on Leaside 12-2. Club moves to 8-0.

Behind the great pitching performance by Nick Sczymczk over 6.0 IP the offence is starting to open up the throttle this season, and compiled 12 runs in a 8 inning mercy on 6 hits. Good offensive games were had by Matt Voight, Matt Allen, and Gianfranco Morello. The boys drew 10 walks that night and stole 14 Bases. The game got a little heated and verbal but in the end the Braves played the game and won with true class and swag. The Braves have a busy next couple of weeks having 7 games in the next 12 nights.


NEXT GAME: Monday @ OSH 7:30 (Hall 2-0 1.04)

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